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Do you have a Police Brutality Case?

Written by Dameka Davis

Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Advocate

I thought it was timely for me to discuss what my firm is looking for during a case evaluation on our Police Brutality cases. Due to the recent uprising and conversations about police brutality against African Americans, I wanted to share with you some tips or things that I look for during my civil rights consultations.

  1. Is evidence available that depicts the brutality? Did you or someone else record the incident? Did you take pictures of your injuries? Do you have eyewitnesses that can accurately depict what harm was caused to you? Civil Rights cases are fact sensitive. So it is critical that the facts that happened can be bolstered by independent evidence.

  2. Did you seek medical treatment? If so, did you follow the treatment plan? If you are harmed or injured you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. It becomes difficult to claim damages when or if you failed to seek medical attention or failed to follow a treatment plan.

  3. Can you accurately recall the events from beginning to end? Write it down. Again, before a civil rights case goes to trial there will be several instances where you will have to state the facts again and again. Each time the story must remain consistent.

  4. Contact an experienced civil rights attorney as soon as possible. There are statute of limitation issues that are applicable. If you fail to bring your claims timely, you could be time barred for pursuing your legal matter.

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