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Medical Billing | Hosptial Bills

Grady Legal provides focused counsel for employers, businesses, and individuals. If you need help with medical bills, employee benefits, landlord tenant, HOA, commercial litigation for small business, or labor and employment issues then we want to help. Did you know that lack of transparency in the healthcare system puts the employer at risk for ERISA violations? Did you know working with a litigation, employment, and ERISA attorney is the best way for your company to manage risk? Did you know to evict a tenant you have to follow very strict guidelines or the process will be held up in the court system? Grady Legal knows. 

If you are a business looking for consultation on your benefits, and you want to discuss your company's risk exposure, then give us a call. Now is the time to address your policies, benefits, and cost containment strategies. Check out this interview done by Jennifer Rendfrey, who runs our healthcare dept, and now holds a CHVP designation by the Validation Institute.

If you're an employer
Have Your
Benefits Audited

The next wave of ERISA lawsuits are coming. "I didn't know", is not a defense by your company. It is your obligation to know.

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Your Success is Our Business

New clients typically walk into our office stressed, worried or confused.  They clutch papers or photos to show us what their problem is. We strive to make sure that when they leave, they have answers, a strategy, and a smile.  

Again, if you need help with health care, employer benefits, medical bills, labor & employment, HOA and condo association, small business litigation, or Landlord tenant issues. Then give us a call. 

Need help with medical bills?

Healthcare and Employment Law

We protect the employer, employee, and doctor from the broker, carrier, and provider.

Labor and Employment Lawyer

Small Business Litigation

Contract disputes, health insurance plan design review, unpaid invoices, and employment law. 

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