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Consumer Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law
Are you tired of the lack of healthcare transparency?

Need help with employer benefits, medical billing, medical bill collections, or lowering your medical debt? Call us today - 754.333.0313


The lack of transparency within the healthcare system has eroded public trust.  As a result, over the past forty years, healthcare law has become an established niche. Grady Legal can assist you in navigating this complex and confusing world of insurance, deductibles and bills.  Call Grady Legal if you've received unfair or inflated bills from your doctor, hospital, or insurance carrier. 

Employer Sponsored Insurance

Healthcare Law
Protect your company from the broker, carrier, provider, TPA, and PBM. Your company could be at risk for breach of fiduciary responsibility.  Saying, "I didn't know" doesn't protect your company from liability. 

Grady Legal, PA can advise you if your company is at risk by looking at your health insurance cost containment and risk management strategies. Quoting your health insurance year-over-year is not a viable health insurance strategy and the brokers and carriers typically do not have your best interest in mind. Grady Legal can provide the checks and balances against runaway costs. We can protect the employer and employee from the broker, carrier, and providers. Call us to learn more. 

Out-of Network Bills & Balance Bills

Healthcare Law
Treated at an In-Network facility, but still received an Out-of-Network Bill. Yep, It's possible!

You did your homework.  You looked up your insurance network of doctors and selected a doctor that was covered by your plan.  Yet weeks after your visit, you receive a bill.  Surprise!  This is common and we can assist you in fighting these bills.  Or, negotiate on your behalf before your procedure. 

Medical Billing & Appeals

Healthcare Law
It's estimated that 8 out of 10 bills contain errors or fraudulent charges

You are recovering from an injury or illness.  You have missed work.  Then the bills begin to arrive and your stress level increases.  The bills come from companies you have never heard of or contain such little detail you cannot verify if the bill is accurate.  The lack of transparency makes it virtually impossible to file a successful appeal with the insurance carriers and to fight your medical bills. We handle claims for both employers and individuals. Let Grady Legal handle the process and relieve your stress. 

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