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The Hidden Impact of Employee Accident Medical Claims

The partners in one of South Florida’s largest personal injury law firms is splitting up and the divorce is less than amicable. Lawsuits filed by various individuals have made allegations of the inner workings of the law firm. One of the most startling allegations is that the firm pushed clients into expensive and unnecessary surgeries to increase the amount of damages. Why does that matter to you?

It matters because if you provide health insurance to your employees, and your employee gets into a car accident and hired this law firm, that expensive surgery and ancillary medical bills will hit your claims. So that 9% premium hike you experienced this year is partly a result of this law firm’s practice.

Employers need to take a proactive stance on the type of claims that are hitting their benefit plan. And while an employer may not necessarily be able to tell what lawyer an employee can use, an employer can have, on staff, an employee health care advocate that can assist an employee in navigating doctors, insurance claims, and health care decisions that should be made by the person, not a lawyer.

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