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How to Fight Unfair Medical Bills

Mistakes happen, everyone knows this. However, when mistakes happen with medical billing, these mistakes can be very expensive. It's important to understand that you can fight medical bills. However, it is going to take some effort on your part. Unfortunately, mistakes in medical billing are not all that uncommon. Many people never even catch these mistakes, because they assume that if they get a bill, it's always correct. This thinking can cost you and your insurance company a lot of money. Learn how to fight unfair medical bills when they happen.

Be Aware

It's up to you to know which procedures you've had. Take notes about the procedures and your conversations with your doctor about treatment plans. This will help you later, if you find what you think is an error.

Pay Attention

Don't always assume that a bill is correct.

  • Go over your bill, line by line.

  • Check each charge against your notes to ensure that you did in fact have a procedure done. You may have mistakenly been billed for a broken arm, when you were treated for strep throat. You never know.

  • Call to discuss errors that you find on your bill.

Follow Up

You likely won't get the issue resolved the first time you call, so follow up with the billing department. This lets them know that you're not just going to go away. Always get the name of the person that you spoke with, the date and what you were told. Keep this information in a safe place so that you can go back to it, if need be.

Get Help

If you're not getting anywhere on your own with the billing company, it's time to call for reinforcements. A medical billing attorney can help you get the resolution that you seek. They will help you fight these bills. If the company is brushing off your concerns, they may be more willing to listen to your attorney. Be sure to hand over all your notes to the attorney.

Disputing a medical bill may not be fun, and it can be time consuming, but it is well worth it. Make it a point to always look over your bills to make sure they are correct. There is no reason that you should pay for unfair medical bill. Keep all the above tips in mind whenever you have a medical procedure done.

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