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How an Employment Law Attorney Can Help Your Business

Even the most diligent employers can find themselves in a situation when they need the assistance of an employment law attorney. Given the number of lawsuits that are being filed against businesses, it is in your company’s best interest that you hire an employment lawyer when faced with an employment related issue.


An employment lawyer can provide you with a wide range of services--- from writing and reviewing employee policies to defend you in the court.


Here are a few things an employment lawyer can help you with.

Drafting Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a key document that sets up the basis of your relationship with your employees. It also determines what you owe them open termination. An employment lawyer can help you draft employment contracts that serve your company in the best way possible.

Writing and Reviewing Employee Handbook and Workplace Policies

Employee handbooks and policies can also have legal implications for your business. You can have an employment lawyer review the information contained in these documents or even get it written by them if you’re uncertain about certain issues like sick pay, work scheduling, health and safety etc.

Help with Lawsuits, Complaints and Claims

If you’re served with legal papers, complaints or claims from your employees, you should consult an employment lawyer to conduct an investigation and defend your case.

Firing an Employee

Even when you have proof of an employee being involved in misconduct, firing them needs to be done carefully.


Many times, the employees deny the accusation or they could belong to a protected class. In such cases, they could go on to sue your business. Seeking legal advice would ensure that all your bases are covered.


If you have business operations in Deerfield Beach, FL and in need of a good employment law attorney, get in touch with Grady Legal, PA. Book them to get a consultation today.

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