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When Should You Hire an Eviction Lawyer

Tenants can face a number of minor issues when dealing with landlords. Luckily, they can mostly be resolved using some common sense and checking up legal resources.


However in some cases, things can go out of hand and can threaten your stay and comfort in the rental. In such situations, getting a lawyer’s help is the best solution to protect your rights as a tenant.


Below are a few situations in which hiring a lawyer can serve you.

Receiving an Eviction Notice

An eviction lawyer can protect you from temporary loss of home along with loss of security deposit and any other monies that you landlord may sue you for.


This will help you in the future too as prospective landlords take previous evictions into consideration when reviewing rental applications.

Eviction without Proper Court Procedures

A landlord may take matters into their own hands and not follow prescribed legal procedures for evicting a tenant. If your landlord shuts off heat or other utilities to your apartment, locks you out or removes doors and windows, you have every right to take legal action against them.

Landlord Refusing to Make Necessary Repairs

A landlord who isn’t abiding by the obligations under the lease and the law can lead to major problems. Tenants may go for their right to withhold rent in such circumstances. But before doing that it’s best to have an eviction attorney on board so you have a solid legal defense based on your situation.


Grady Legal, PA Can Help You with Your Eviction Case

If you’re faced with an illegal eviction in Deerfield Beach, FL, Grady Legal, PA is here to help you out. Our specialized eviction lawyers can help assess you issue and give you legal assistance. Book today to get a case consultation done.

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