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How to Deal with Your Homeowners’ Association

Homeowners’ associations are organizations of property owners of a subdivision, development or a condominium complex. If you purchase a property in a community with an HOA, you agree to abide by its rules and covenants.


At times, HOAs can become difficult to deal with as they restrict you from doing certain things to your privately owned property. Here are a few ways that can help you get the most out of your HOA.

Know the HOA Rules and Keep Up with Rule Changes

Before you feel the need to protest against an action taken by HOA, you must thoroughly review the rules and by laws that it has laid out. Some common rules that are enforced by HOAs are related to the number of rooms to have in your house, fences, building materials and which paint to use etc.


Rules are often modified and these changes are announced at the periodic meetings conducted by the HOA. As an important stakeholder, you should attend these meetings to keep yourself aware of any changes to the rules and also to voice your opinion on them.

Get the Approval Before You Make Changes

It’s good to consult your HOA before you make any additions to your house such as a new wall, or you plan to buy an additional vehicle that will be parked in the driveway. This will help you if for example your neighbor complaints about it to the HOA.

Look for Ways to Settle Disputes with Your HOA

If you’re facing a problem regarding the rules and laws, notify your HOA so they can arrange for mediation or arbitration. In such cases, try to achieve a compromise whenever possible.

Get Legal Help When Nothing Else Seems to Work


In case of a major dispute, you can get the help of an HOA attorney to file a lawsuit against the HOA.


If you require the assistance of an HOA lawyer in Deerfield Beach, FL, head to Grady legal, PA. Our skilled professionals are experienced in the field and will provide you with the best legal advice.

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