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Why You Need a Labor Lawyer

What’s Labor Law?

Labor law, being one of the divisions of employment law, takes care of employer-employee disputes and negotiations at the workplace.


Under labor law, employees working in certain sectors, such as teaching, police etc., have the right to form unions in order to put forward their demands for changes in the relationship between employee and employer.


Labor lawyers can represent both labor unions and employers in cases against each other.

When Do You Need a Labor Lawyer?

Employee unions can find themselves in need of a competent labor lawyer when they want to negotiate terms during a strike. Labor lawyers can help them in getting new collective bargaining agreements signed and implemented.


Employees may also get a labor attorney on board if they wish to file a lawsuit against the employer for mistreatment, hazardous work condition, unlawful overtime or termination without due cause.


Besides that a labor attorney can also represent employers when they are faced with a labor related lawsuit, anticipating a workers’ strike or when they wish to fire a union worker on the basis of unsatisfactory performance.

What Can You Expect When Working with a Labor Attorney?

Labor lawyers can advise you on alternate dispute resolution methods for settling the case before taking it to the court.


However, in cases where the matter does end up in court you can expect to have your terms agreed upon or to get compensated by the other party for any losses. In case you lose, you will have to start it all over again.

Grady Legal’s Labor and Employment Law Services

If you’re looking to hire a labor attorney in Deerfield Beach, FL, get in touch with Grady legal, PA today. We have experts specialized in the field of labor law who will give you the best legal counsel and assist you in your labor related issues. Visit us today for consultation.

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