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How to Get Away With Medical Balance Billing – Get Help from a Medical Bill Attorney

Receiving a balance bill is upsetting, especially when it comes as a surprise. Since health insurance is a state regulated matter, the laws in each state can impact the legality of balance billing.


In the US, balance billing happens if you get services from a hospital or medical practitioner that’s not part of your health insurance provider’s network or doesn’t accept insurance payment as payment in full.


At times you unexpectedly receive care from a provider who’s out of network resulting in a surprise balance bill. Such a situation arises when an individual provider such as a radiologist, anesthesiologist etc. works in an in-network facility but doesn’t have a contract with your insurer.

Medical balance billing may be legal in a lot of cases, but most of the times patients are not fully aware of it to make an informed decision. This is what makes balance billing one of the many grievances that patients have with the healthcare system. It also raises questions about the transparency of the health insurance system in the US.


If you are served with a surprise balance bill, you will probably find yourself negotiating with the medical office and the insurance provider to get the bill adjusted. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, it’s a good idea to have medical bill lawyer on board.

Grady Legal, PA Can Help You!

If you’re looking to hire a competent medical bill attorney in Deerfield Beach, FL, get in touch with Grady legal, PA today. Our lawyers are experienced in the field of healthcare. We take an aggressive approach in investigating your billing cases and ensure that all state laws and consumer protection rights are being complied with. Book an appointment to get a case consultation.

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