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Tips on How to Fight Medical Bills

Medical billing errors and overcharges can lead to a lot of frustration in an already distressed patient. They are already under stress due to a health condition or when recovering from one.

In severe cases, hefty medical bills have led to patients foregoing the care they need, depleting their future savings or even declaring bankruptcy.


If you’re thinking to a dispute a medical bill, here are a few tips that can help you.

Keep Your Documents Organized

It’s extremely crucial that you have all your documentation in place when fighting a medical bill. Whether you have to discuss an issue with your doctor or your insurance company, your claim will be of no value if it’s not backed up with evidence.


Therefore, maintain a well organized record of your medical history along with all the bills that you receive.

Check Insurance Codes on the Hospital Bill

A lot of times, a medical service may be denied because it’s not covered in your plan. Check if the service has been coded correctly. You can check the CPT codes online. They are both used by the hospital billing department as well as the insurance provider.

Report Any Errors

Contact the medical billing office if you spot any errors on your bill. Make sure to document every conversation that takes place between you and their representative. Follow up your complaints in writing.

Get Legal Help

When you feel that the hospital or the insurance company is not helping you out with your reports or appeals, consider hiring a pro. Bringing in a medical billing attorney is a smart way to haggle with healthcare providers and health insurers when all else fails.

If you’re facing an outrageous medical bill or need help in reducing one, head to Grady Legal, PA to get in touch with a medical billing attorney today. You can book us online for a case consultation.

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